Community Substance Misuse Team

Governed by CASP and funded through the MWRDTF, CSMT (Community Substance Misuse Team) is a multi-disciplinary team responding to under 18’s with substance misuse issues in the Mid West.

CSMT work with youths, families and the wider community to lessen the impact of substance misuse. All staff at CSMT are accredited in Adolescent Community reinforcement.

CSMT offer the following services:

  • Youth Support – Using the evidence base model of CRA – Community Reinforcement Approach
  • Outreach – CSMT provides outreach centres throughout the Mid West
  • Family Support – CSMT believes the solutions to substance misuse can be found within the family and wider community

Concerned Parent/Guardian

Worried about a child? Advice for Parents and Guardians.

Concerned Youth

Adolescence is a challenging and demanding period where youths shape their personality and future. This is also a period of risk taking where boundaries can be pushed and pulled; substance misuse, including alcohol, can be a normalised behaviour during this period of discovery.

While not all substance misuse is problematic, it can lead to consequences and difficulties in other aspects of life. CSMT have a non-judgemental outlook on substance misuse but also believe that substance misuse negatively impacts on the potential of all youths.

Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA)

What is CRA? The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is a comprehensive behavioral program for treating substance problems.

Prevention, Education & Awareness

Falling under the twin pillars of prevention and treatment within the NDS CSMT aims: “To assist individuals and families to develop effective and supportive coping strategies to substance misuse, building on the strengths already in existence.”

NDS 2001-2008: To promote throughout society a greater awareness, understanding and clarity of the dangers of drug misuse.

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