Prison Links

CASP Community Prison Links (CPL) Worker works with drug users from Clondalkin in prisons who wish to address their addiction and other issues, and prepare themselves for the return back to their own community on their release. Issues such as treatment, accommodation and training needs are assessed. In addition to this, the CPL Worker prepares clients emotionally for release in terms of providing support regarding fears of returning to their community and families. This is in addition to providing support on issues that are happening for them within the prison.

The CPL Worker supports individuals on release in terms of practical and emotional issues. A post release peer support group for ex-prisoners takes place every second Tuesday, facilitated by the Prison Links Worker and a Counsellor.

The CPL Worker can also provide information to families of prisoners in terms of the prison system and can refer families of prisoners for family support and counselling.

For more information contact the Prison Liaison Worker at (01) 616-6750.

Please contact CASP For Help on 01 6166750