Addiction is not something that can be wished away, or even cured by the addict alone. It requires professional treatment, as well as a commitment from the person to put forth an honest effort.

We will refer you to the addiction recovery program that best fits your needs; or if we are unable to assist you, refer you to a service that can.

Addressing addiction requires counseling. Whether is it getting to the bottom of the clients issues or helping the client move forward and find alternate ways to make a sober life more rewarding.

The client must commit to engage with the Therapist because they have made the decision to seek help and they are the ones that are going to make their sobriety happen.

At CASP our facilities offer one-one sessions with experienced Counselors, as well as group therapy. Substance misusers frequently turn to mind-altering substance to escape a life they find difficult Simply removing the drug doesn’t correct the core problem, which can be a mixture of anger, negativity, and pain that can turn every day into a struggle.CASP helps the clients look at the bigger picture of their addiction.