The Mid-West Regional Drugs & Alcohol Forum

MWRDAF were established under the National Drugs Strategy 2001 – 2008 to research, develop, implement and monitor a coordinated response to illicit drug use at regional level, based on evidence of what is effective.

The Forum is responsible for ensuring the development of a coordinated response to tackling drugs problems in counties Clare, Limerick, North Tipperary and Limerick City.

The Terms of Reference/ Role of the Task Force is:

  • To ensure the development of a co-ordinated and integrated response to illicit drug use
  • To create and maintain an up-to-date database on the nature and extent of illicit drug use in the region and provide information on drug related services and resources in the region
  • To identify and address gaps in service provision, having regard for evidence available on the extent and specific location of illicit drug use in the region
  • To prepare an action plan to respond to regional drug issues for assessment and ultimately funding by the National Drugs Strategy Team (NDST)
  • To develop regionally relevant policy proposals in consultation with the NDST
  • To provide information and regular reports to the NDST